Mental Health and Well Being

There has been a great deal of attention paid to the physical and mental well-being of children in the media, over recent times, linked to worrying statistics about the rise of illnesses related to poor diet and lack of exercise and the increasing numbers of young children suffering from mental health issues.

Our aim is to create a mentally healthy school, where our pupils, parents and carers and staff have the tools and the resilience to deal with life and flourish academically and emotionally.

At Woodfield Academy there is plenty of support to help you and your child with well-being.

The school has 9 Mental Health First Aiders:

  • Miss A Chapman (SMHL)
  • Mrs K Freeman
  • Mr K Hanks
  • Miss B Doidge (DSL)
  • Mrs S Mantle
  • Mrs S Little
  • Miss B Whiteside
  • Mr A Kimberley
  • Mrs J Willets

Mental Health First Aiders are a point of contact if you, or someone you are concerned about, experience a mental health issue or emotional distress. They are not therapists or psychiatrists, but they can give you initial support and signpost you to appropriate help if required.

Schools are on the frontline when it comes to supporting children and young people’s mental wellbeing. Our school staff are ideally placed to recognise and respond to early signs of mental health difficulties.

Pupil and staff wellbeing are significant to us. Our staff are proud of their work, feel supported and want to see the school go from strength to strength.

Useful Websites 

Mental Health Policy Link

Trauma Informed Practice at Woodfield Academy

Woodfield Academy is committed to developing a Trauma and Mental Health Informed Approach which will protect our school community, including staff, pupils, parents and carers.

There is a growing body of research on the impact childhood adversity has on long-term mental and physical health. To ensure every child develops positive mental health and resilience, our aim is to:

  • support children to make sense of their experience(s)
  • find ways to manage their emotions and feelings
  • create an environment of safety, connection and compassion at all times
  • build a school with strong, positive, supportive relationships through training
  • ensure children maintain the capacity to learn, despite difficult events that may occur

Woodfield Academy’s Behaviour policy reflects a trauma-informed approach. We do not operate a ‘zero tolerance’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach to distressed behaviour. We have high expectations of behaviour for all, however rigorous support is offered to those having difficulty meeting those expectations.

Trauma Informed Schools is an organisation committed to improving the health and well-being and ability to learn of the most vulnerable school children in the UK, namely those who have suffered trauma, abuse, neglect and/or have mental health problems or attachment issues. It aims to provide appropriate training for schools, communities and organisations so that they become trauma informed and mentally healthy places for all.

Should you wish to speak to the school’s Trauma Informed Practitioner, please contact Miss A Chapman via the school office by telephone 01527 527 081 or by email: [email protected]