Welcome to Woodfield Academy where we pride ourselves on being a thriving middle school in the heart of Redditch. We base our ethos on being a close team and around the ever present #OneWoodfield. Within this we expect everyone in the school community to support each other and represent the badge with pride, whilst demonstrating compassion, respect, responsibility and resilience. These values help everyone to feel part of the Woodfield team and this sense of belonging nurtures confidence, self-belief and develops positive relationships.

The Woodfield team, and in partnership with the local community, are at the centre of creating a leading educational establishment in Redditch. We set high expectations and a belief that anything is achievable to ensure the best possible outcomes and experiences for the children in our academy.

As a middle school we educate pupils form Years 5 to 8 and recognise the importance we have in their educational journey. Not only to provide the best learning experiences but also developing life skills to ensure they become secure members of society who can make a positive contribution to the world around them.

To really understand the value and pride we all share in wearing or being associated with the school badge, I encourage you to get in contact with us and see for yourself the collective environment in which staff and pupils have the pleasure to belong.

Mr Neil Straw