In school we work really hard to keep you safe! We use Filtering and Monitoring, while you are in school, to protect you from harmful content and check on your appropriate use.
However, we also teach you the necessary skills to stay safe in school. You will recognise the ‘green’ Woodfield Walk-ins in Computing and that you learn how to stay safe online in PSHE.
This page has been created to give you some helpful tips and reminders in order for you to navigate the online world safe and free from harm.

Remember, whilst we work hard to keep you safe you need to be responsible for your own use. You will have seen the Acceptable Use Agreement on your computer screen in school!
How to Stay Safe online -
This link has lots of important information about how to stay safe online. This includes information on:
Privacy Settings
Social Media and Community Guidelines
Reporting and Blocking on Social Media
What is end-to-end encryption
Blocking on Social Media -
If you come across someone on social media that you don’t want to speak to anymore, most platforms give you the option to block them.
Blocking a user can mean different things on different social media sites, but it generally stops them being able to interact with you on that platform. Sometimes it also means they can no longer see anything you post or even find your profile if they search for it.
Users aren’t told when someone blocks them so most of the time they won’t realise or know for certain.
Am I spending too much time online? -
There are special signs that you might recognise, from your body and the world around you, when you’ve been online for too long.
Technology experts don’t think there’s a perfect amount of time to spend online. They say it’s more important to focus on using your time online well. But it’s still possible to have too much of a good thing.