Library Leaders

Our library leaders make sure we have a fully functioning library throughout the whole school day. Firstly, they really enjoy reading and want as many pupils at Woodfield to read as much as possible. They are always looking out for the best books to get into the library and they keep the space looking tidy and inviting. They help pupils find the book they are looking for and help them research other authors they may like. At breaks and lunch they are on hand to provide competition for board games or to teach new games, like chess.

Sports Leaders

Our Sports Leaders are very important to the delivery of a high quality sports programmed delivered in and out of lessons. During lessons they are used to support other pupils grasp some of the basic skills, but are also essential in officiating and organising team games. They all attend extra-curricular clubs to improve in their own performance or to support staff with younger pupils. During the year our PE staff help them to develop their leadership skills and to become more confident in passing on their knowledge.

The sports Leaders even attend Year 5 lessons where they watch the PE staff and learn some of the valuable skills required to lead young people. They then get to lead their own warm ups, support SEND pupils or officiate small sided games. They are also essential to the running of First School competitions and our very own sports day.