Woodfield Academy is proud to serve the community of Redditch. We are a non-selective, comprehensive, thriving, diverse and successful middle school for children aged 9-13. Our Academy is part of the Bordesley Multi Academy Trust, and we are committed to delivering our shared values which will support your child in the following areas:

  • Raising their aspirations to transform the lives of young people and to enhance the well-being of individuals and the community.
  • Giving them a chance to live rich, fulfilled lives and to contribute to society.
  • Provide them with more than the teaching of knowledge and skills and offer as many experiences as possible.
  • Creating a love of learning, which will foster creativity, imagination and the capacity to communicate.
  • Having a chance to participate in sport, music, drama, outdoor pursuits and involvement in the wider community.
  • Building character and relationships, along with a sense of morality, care and respect for others.

Regardless of their background or starting points, we expect all our students will achieve to their highest standard. We also believe if we equip our students with the universal core values of Compassion, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility, they will be ready any future challenge they encounter.

The ethos of our Academy can be experienced at any time. Our ethos at Woodfield Academy fosters the development of ethical individuals by empowering students to embrace good values. Our ethos and culture at Woodfield reinforce the “whole child” agenda that shifts the emphasis from academic achievement to long-term learning and personal development.  Whilst Woodfield Academy are committed to ensuring that all students achieve their personal best, we are also dedicated to ensuring that students flourish and become the best version of themselves by embracing:

  • Teaching students about the positive traits that inform their motivation whilst guiding conduct.
  • Providing them with the knowledge, core values and skills necessary for success throughout life.
  • Helping students grasp what is ethically important and how to respond appropriately in a range of situations.
  • Teaching students to consider the right course of action that correlates to a given situation, basing decisions for the right reasons.

Our Behaviour Policy and Student Code of Conduct outlines the specific systems in place which can be found on our website. Woodfield staff are instructed to fairly uphold the values set out within the behaviour policy and consistently ensure that our students adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.