School Council

The purpose of the Woodfield Academy School Council is:

  • To work with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the pupils they represent.
  • To establish reasonable standards for recognition of all organisations within school.
  • To stimulate and develop good citizenship and democracy among pupils.
  • To encourage social development through participation within school life.
  • To encourage leadership through service.

Woodfield Academy School Council was setup to build responsible leaders within our school community and promote the values that represent good character in all pupils. We believe that a pupil voice within the school is important to be heard in order to build an understanding of what pupils need to reach their potential. Those pupils who are in the school council lead by example in our classrooms and community by being respectful, responsible, and safe.

They also listen to the needs of their peers and relay that back in School Council meetings where decisions can be made to improve the school for all the community. The School Council provides the main forum for discussing pupil concerns and ideas. We are dedicated to developing leadership skills and enhancing co-curricular life. In addition, students are given the opportunity to interact with faculty, staff and administrators.