Parent Letters


6th September – Mobile Phones
12th September – Sex and Relationship Education
12th September – Library and Learning Resource Centre
10th September – Y8 Cologne Trip 2019
26th October – Y7 Sealife Centre Trip
13th November – Y5 Manor Trip 2019
21st January – Y6 SATS Meeting


12th September – Y5 Swimming Lessons
12th September – Y6 Trip To Woodfield House
12th September – Y7 Malvern Trip
21st September – Y8 Amsterdam Trip
25th September – Y8 House of Parliament Trip
2nd October – KS3 History Workshops
5th October – Y8 Amsterdam Trip Payment Plan
11th October – Y5 Trip to National Space Centre
13th October – FoW Halloween Disco
17th October – Y5 Manor Trip
17th October – Y8 Space School Information
1st November – Friends of Woodfield – Bingo Night
2nd November – Y6 London Trip
9th November – Tea Club


15th September – Y6 Titanic Trip
15th September – Y8 Houses of Parliament
19th September – KS3 Ice Skating
19th September – Autumn Term Clubs
20th September – Palace Theatre Pantomime
22nd September – Lion King Residential Trip
3rd October – KS3 Malvern Trip
4th November – FoW Bingo Night
10th November – Y5 Frankie & Bennys Trip
10th November – French Trip Payment Plan
2nd January – Aspens Menu Jan-Mar
17th January – Sleeping Beauty Ticket Letter
23rd January – Year 6 SATs Meeting Invitation
23rd January – Terrific Science Letter
27th January – Parent Governor Elections
27th January – Parent Governor Nomination Form
27th January – KS2 Parents Evening
27th January – KS2 Parents Evening
7th February – OFSTED – Letter To Parents
7th February – OFSTED – School Inspections: A Guide For Parents
8th February – Y8 Trip – Big Bang Science Fair
10th February – Y6 Trip – Living Rainforests
16th March – Red Nose Day
6th April – Y7 Trip – Umberslade Farm
6th April – Y8 Trip – Drayton Manor
6th June – Green Leaf Trip – Weston-Super-Mare
12th June – Aladdin Residential Trip – March 2018


8th September – Y5 Library Introduction Letter
9th September – KS3 Malvern Trip
15th September – Hair Hygiene Information
17th September – Eid Celebrations
18th September – Y5 Manor Trip
18th September – Sponsored Afternoon
18th September – Y6 Titanic Trip
September – A4A Introduction Letter
5th October – KS3 France Trip (Payment Plan)
6th October – Parents Meetings
10th October – Drama Group Rehearsal Schedule
22nd October – Y5 Manor Trip (Payment Plan)
9th November – KS3 France Trip (Collective Passport)
9th November – Y6 Hooke Trip (Payment Plan)
16th November – KS2 Panto Trip
7th December – Pupil Premium Funding – Parents & Carers
18th January – Year 6 SATs Meeting Invitation
21st January – Year 7 Bristol Science Museum Trip Letter
22nd January – Parent Survey
27th January – KS2 Parent’s Evening Letter
27th January – KS3 Parent’s Evening Letter
28th January – FoW Valentine Disco Letter
2nd February – Y5 Manor Trip (Information Meeting)