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Posted on November 23rd, 2018 Letter From The Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing in the hope that I can reassure you in light of an incident yesterday, during which Vitamin D tablets were brought into school and distributed by Year 5 pupils to a number of their peers. We were all shocked at the implications of this activity, which came to light after pupils had left to go home. Whilst these events took place amongst a minority of a single year group, many parents and carers have become aware of the matter and it feels only right that the academy’s stance and response is communicated to you all.

We have always upheld a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on pupils bringing contraband of any kind into school, plus we employ a rigorous policy relating to medicines and their administration in school. The pupils who shared the tablets with others were irresponsible and naïve and have faced serious school discipline. Whilst I am satisfied that they understood the tablets were supplements (and in their view, ‘harmless’), I believe that they were also fully aware that they should not have brought them into school and the manner in which the tablets were distributed recognised this. Other pupils’ medical needs or allergies were not taken into account and therefore the tablets posed a potential threat to the welfare of others. Perhaps we could not expect nine-year-olds to consider so many factors and ‘what-ifs’, therefore, the vulnerability of our children on a number of levels, has been exposed by the issue. Social media interest in this event has been significant and understandable, bringing with it inevitable questions regarding the reputation of our academy, which has been tarnished as a result. Whilst this is a secondary concern, I would like to thank parents who have supported us over the past twenty-four hours and have acknowledged that the events have been no fault of the academy itself.

However, we take matters such as this extremely seriously and whilst many staff have taken it upon themselves to discuss these events and their ramifications with pupils, I will be holding an extended whole-school assembly today to cover the issue in depth and to provide key messages to all pupils regarding taking items such as tablets or medicines from home, offering and accepting them and the wider implications relating to drugs education.

I would also hope that you, as parents and carers, will ask yourselves the same questions I have asked myself, as a parent, this morning: where do we keep our medicines and supplements at home? Are they visible or accessible to our children? Do they need to be moved to a more secure cupboard or location? By asking these questions we are safeguarding our children and ourselves and hopefully we can avoid further accidents of this nature.

I hope that you feel we have acted swiftly regarding this issue and I would like to convey my personal thanks to parents who have contacted us directly to alert us and voice concern. Should you still feel a need to contact me regarding the matter, please do so. Additionally, should your child have been adversely affected by events and be in need of any additional support as a result, please get in touch and we will make arrangements to assist.

Mr Bond

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