Key Facts

School Status: Academy (converter)
Intake:   Comprehensive (non-selective)

Academy Company Number:   8039319
Age Range:   Middle School (9 – 13)
Dfe Number:   885 4436
PAN:   600

Headteacher: Mr. S. Bond

Governing Body

Governing Body:
Mr. S. Bond
Mrs T. Coward
Mrs. V. May
Mrs. M. Parayiwa
Mr. M. Rowley
Dr. S. Starr
Mrs T. Thomas

Clerk to Governors: Mrs S. Little

Contact Details

Telephone: 01527 527081  
Fax: 01527 516586


No. of staff in regular service: 60.23   (see staff list)
Percentage boys / girls:    49% M / 51% F
Percentage of pupils FSM: 44%
Percentage of pupils SEN: 24%
Percentage of pupils EAL: 18%
Pupil Premium funding to overall annual school budget (approx.) 9.53%
Pupil Premium funding 14-15: £256,135

Principal First School Partners: Oak Hill, St. Georges and Woodrow
Principal High School Partner: Trinity High School