Board of Directors

A Note From The Chair:

As Directors of Woodfield Academy we are dedicated to helping everyone achieve their full potential, in a caring and nurturing environment. The Directors are passionate and proud of the schools achievements and with Headteacher, we are ready to support the school on the next stage of its journey.

The Board of Directors is responsible and accountable for the decisions made within the school and the shaping of its future. We want to reiterate that we are committed to remaining a middle school whilst working closely with our pyramid partners and not be detracted from our primary focus of educating our children.

Our Board of Directors consists of Parents, representatives of our local community (those with business and professional expertise) and teachers. All who give their time freely with the strategic focus of upholding Woodfield Academy’s core aims.

On behalf of the Board of Directors we welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. Please address any letters to “The Clerk to the Board of Directors” using the school address or email, details of which can be found on our home page.

Mrs. T. Coward
Chair of Directors

Board of Directors

Chair of Directors: Mrs. T. Coward
Headteacher: Mr. N Straw
Vice-Chair of Directors: Dr. S. Starr

Parent Director:
Mrs. R. Delmore
Mrs. E. Carr

Member Appointed Directors:

Mrs. J. Doidge
Mrs. T. Thomas

Mrs. T. Coward
Ms. P. Garrington
Mr D Hartles

Clerk to Directors: Ms C Jukes

Complaints Procedure

Should any parent wish to make a complaint about the education their child is receiving, the Education Reform Act of 1988 clearly states the procedure for such complaints.

That is, briefly, to make an appointment with and:
A) discuss the concern with the class teacher.

If still dissatisfied:
B) make an appointment with and discuss concern with Headteacher.

If still dissatisfied:
C) Write a formal letter outlining concerns to Board of Directors and, after the Directors’ response to the letter and any meeting which may take place with parent(s) regarding the complaint.

If you would like to share your views about our school with Ofsted, go to:

Directors Declarations of Interest

Name Declaration (Oct 2019) Declaration (Oct 2020) Declaration (Oct 2021)
Mrs Tracy Coward Spouse – Assistant Site Manager
Son – Zero Hour Contract (Site Team)
Spouse – Assistant Site Manager Spouse – Site Supervisor
Mrs Tracey Thomas None None None
Dr Sean Starr Member of Board, Orchard Primary School Member of Board, Orchard Primary School TLAC – University of Wolverhampton Multi-Academy Trust
Director – Revelwood Consultancy
Director – Amadeus Learning Partnership
Mrs Judith Doidge Daughter – Teacher Daughter – Interim Deputy Headteacher Daughter – Interim Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Rebecca Delmore Daughter is a pupil of Woodfield Academy
Sister is the Deputy Head at Worlds End Junior School
Daughter is a pupil of Woodfield Academy
Sister is the Deputy Head at Worlds End Junior School
NED for Rubicon Leisure
Mrs E Carr None


Articles of Association
Charging and Remissions Policy
Woodfield Academy Funding Agreement
Financial Statement 2019-20
Financial Statement 2018-19
Instrument of Governance Policy
Director Allowances Policy
Mission Statement
Director attendance at meetings 2018-19