Winter Weather Advisory – How We Inform You

Posted on December 07th, 2017 Winter Weather Advisory – How We Inform You

Due to the recent weather forecast of snow and ice including a Met Office “Yellow Alert” the following systems are in place to inform you in case of a closure.

  • Local Radio – Free Radio will be advised of a closure, listen to this station for updates.
  • Woodfield Academy Website – A banner will appear on the home page instructing of a closure and an item in the news section will provide further details (if available).
  • Mobile Telephones – If we have your current mobile number listed, a text will be sent to your phone. If you have the “myschoolapp” for Woodfield Academy, a push notification will be sent to your phone/tablet.
  • Social Media – Our Facebook and Twitter feeds will also be updated with links back to our website and the posted news item.

It has been many years since any severe weather has enforced a closure and the Academy endeavours to remain open wherever possible. Our number one priority will always be the wellbeing of our students.

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