Sports Funding

The Government has allocated funding of £150 million per annum for the next 2 years to improve the provision of primary school PE and sport. As a middle school we will receive funding for our key stage 2 pupils (years 5&6). We anticipate that this funding will continue in future years and hopefully increase through the ‘Fizzy Drinks Tax’ levied in the budget.The funding is earmarked for increased provision and an extension of what the school would normally offer.

The use of this money is monitored and evaluated, with specific reference being made to the quality and breadth of PE and sports provision, including increasing participation in PE, sport and physical activity so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. We are already very committed and proud of what we offer here with our specialist provision. However, we will use this allocated money for the benefit of all KS2 pupils regardless of their sporting ability and aim to further extend their capabilities, involvement and outcomes.

A plan of how we will allocate funds can be found below. A projection regarding outcomes for each area will be added over the next few months when all details have been finalised. We will also review and measure impact at the end of the academic year and publish outcomes for 2016-17.

The school intends to use funding to:

  • Provide places for pupils for after school sport clubs
  • Increase participation in school sport both at lunchtime and after school
  • Hire specialist climbing tasters, with an aim to introduce children a new activity with a visit to a climbing wall locally if possible
  • Purchase equipment and train members of staff for new sports (handball) that focus on inclusion rather than ability
  • Purchase ‘New Age Kurling’ and ‘Boccia’ equipment to develop inclusive activities and link with Level 2 competition
  • Purchase age appropriate high jump equipment allowing children to participate in Level 2 competition
  • Alongside the development of a £750,000 all-weather pitch, purchase age and size relevant playing equipment (Quicksticks / goalie kit etc.) and to coach students accordingly
  • Provide opportunities for children to compete (i.e. in tournaments and fixtures between the local cluster middle schools) including activities for Special Educational Needs / children with disabilities
  • Provide Continued Professional Development opportunities for staff in new activities e.g. Handball, Indoor archery, with a focus on engagement and inclusive activities and ultimately competition.